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Discussing the MVP culture – a fallible fiction

The issue with the MVP culture, however, is exactly what it first sought to solve – the unending stream of new products introduced onto the market each year. Viable is subjective, and initial consumer enthusiasm is easier to cultivate than sustained interest and eventual product realisation... 

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Why automatic cars aren’t unreservedly good news

Those who found the concept of an automatic gear box disturbing have had scarce time to adjust; we’re already onto the next marvel in automation, and this time we’re barely involved. We’re substituting the role of master for that of watcher, even servant. With automatic cars, human presence takes a diminutive role – providing little more than context (i.e. the reason why a car drives from A to B)...

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Three ways technology has changed how we work

We’re never going to be content. Technology has seen to that. There’s always going to be something new to make a mockery of the old. Since we started pumping our air with the innovative spirit, business as usual hasn’t been business as usual. We’ve been shaking up the dusty establishment, discarding the detritus and devising new ways to work and play... 

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