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Does technology make us better humans?

Being human once meant living in close communities, hunting, socialising, breeding. It meant existing in tandem with the earth and nature, a close and intimate relationship that’s foreign to our modern mindset. Now, we view the natural world with scepticism. We build fences around it and place warning signs; we crop and trim its contours until it falls within our definition of safe...

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Discussing the MVP culture – a fallible fiction

The issue with the MVP culture, however, is exactly what it first sought to solve – the unending stream of new products introduced onto the market each year. Viable is subjective, and initial consumer enthusiasm is easier to cultivate than sustained interest and eventual product realisation... 

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How Social Reputation Influences Your Brand

Brand is the idea. Reputation is the reality. The latter is the accumulation of everything you do and have done, whilst the former is the image you’re packaging and shipping to the world. Because of this, a bad reputation can easily compromise a brand strategy. If somebody tells us that they’re a fun loving, kind and generous chap, we’re unlikely to believe it if everything we know of them forms a counter image... 

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