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Can Scotland be Scandinavian?

Some hundreds of years ago a Nordic settlement was founded in Scotland, influencing a large part of the North’s culture. Whilst this doesn’t mean that everyone’s walking about with spiked helmets and Tolkien-inspired dwarf beards (unless you’re of the hipster variety), it does leave enough of a trace for some Scottish hopefuls to follow. In the age of discontent, the ties to the UK aren’t as attractive or as inspiring as the potential ties to their prosperous Scandinavian partners...

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A Look at Scotland’s Wealth Distribution

It is fair to say that these days the UK’s wealth distribution graphs bear an unfortunate resemblance to an expiring hour glass. Such has been the inexorable draining of wealth from North to South, that Scotland almost invariably looks like a colourless patch of poverty. And you’ll never be confused by London’s location; it’s always the colourful part, the capital’s affluence packaged in striking bright red lipstick like a dolled up lady of the night. But Scotland is certainly not poor...

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