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Why we remember less, and why an out-of-control MVP culture is to blame

Changes in our digital experience have no associated ‘moment’, and so no memory is created. We don’t remember the instant we make a new digital connection (whether it’s Tinder, Facebook or LinkedIn). It happens sometime during the daily commute, or when we’re out shopping. There’s no sensory input – sight or smell or sound – so the instant cannot be recalled...

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A modern world of smoke and mirrors: the ongoing effects of social media

It’s not an opportunity for inspiration; it’s an opportunity for a selfie. Such is the pervasiveness of social media that many of us are unable to exist within a moment. Moments, in fact, serve only to perpetuate a self-image – a branding – easily framed by the perfectly angled photograph, wherein the select shade of the sun amplifies the features and attributes we most desire to expose, and renders in shadow those that we do not. We do not marvel for the sake of a cherished memory; we marvel for how an event may be represented to our friends and peers, and the return benefit gained on virtue of being physically present. Each day, we deposit into a shared fiction, one which narrates how we must live...

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Branded Behaviours: Where We Are in 2016

A new year means something to all of us. Hope, doubt, a chance to start again – a whole slew of thoughts and feelings triggered by little more than the tick over of a number. When that five became a six, the impossible became possible, and certainties were once more set in motion. As far as marketing goes, it’s also a convenient opportunity to categorise failure and success...

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