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Will Edinburgh be Scotland’s Start-Up Capital?

Cue Edinburgh, the hilly champion of Scotland’s future. Edinburgh is already the UK’s largest financial centre outside of London and bears the unofficial title of UK’s second capital – a claim that somewhat risks belittling the city’s potential. Because far more important than Edinburgh’s past or present, is its future – as the budding pioneer of a reinvigorated Scotland...

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A Look at Scotland’s Wealth Distribution

It is fair to say that these days the UK’s wealth distribution graphs bear an unfortunate resemblance to an expiring hour glass. Such has been the inexorable draining of wealth from North to South, that Scotland almost invariably looks like a colourless patch of poverty. And you’ll never be confused by London’s location; it’s always the colourful part, the capital’s affluence packaged in striking bright red lipstick like a dolled up lady of the night. But Scotland is certainly not poor...

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