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Marketers Aren’t in Control

Marketing isn’t like other fields. Its transient landscape means the names of channel champions are lost to capricious winds.  It’s not like there aren’t experts, but the lack of go-to marketing mentorship serves to illuminate a single irrefutable fact: marketers aren’t in control, not really. The steadfast expert of today is the foolhardy amateur of tomorrow – wisdom blossoms into madness and experience into ‘oh, is he still here?’ ...

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Branded Behaviours: Where We Are in 2016

A new year means something to all of us. Hope, doubt, a chance to start again – a whole slew of thoughts and feelings triggered by little more than the tick over of a number. When that five became a six, the impossible became possible, and certainties were once more set in motion. As far as marketing goes, it’s also a convenient opportunity to categorise failure and success...

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