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Why automatic cars aren’t unreservedly good news

Those who found the concept of an automatic gear box disturbing have had scarce time to adjust; we’re already onto the next marvel in automation, and this time we’re barely involved. We’re substituting the role of master for that of watcher, even servant. With automatic cars, human presence takes a diminutive role – providing little more than context (i.e. the reason why a car drives from A to B)...

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Creatives need license to waste time – and here’s why

There’s no guideline to say how many hours a new idea takes to conceive. Whilst a construction project may take a set number of days or weeks, deciding upon the perfect tagline has no real precedent – no barometer – because it’s new each time. You may stumble upon the solution in a matter of minutes, a number of days or a hapless pile of weeks. Naturally, this is a nightmare for management... 

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When Creativity Met Technology

  Artists often talk about inspiration being drawn from new experiences. Through the 21st century, technology has become the new experience, redefining how we live and interact. The Internet is, both virtually and in actuality, a new frontier, filled with boundless potential, promise and possibility. We no longer think of when we can do something, but rather when we’ll achieve it...

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