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The Battle for 2018

By the end of this year, the world will be a different place. Not the actual world – the trees and the birds and the oceans – but the digital world we increasingly inhabit, of memes and celebrity politicians and technologies that are set to shake us from our relative stillness. Here are four things that will have happened by the end of 2018...

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Why we remember less, and why an out-of-control MVP culture is to blame

Changes in our digital experience have no associated ‘moment’, and so no memory is created. We don’t remember the instant we make a new digital connection (whether it’s Tinder, Facebook or LinkedIn). It happens sometime during the daily commute, or when we’re out shopping. There’s no sensory input – sight or smell or sound – so the instant cannot be recalled...

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Does technology make us better humans?

Being human once meant living in close communities, hunting, socialising, breeding. It meant existing in tandem with the earth and nature, a close and intimate relationship that’s foreign to our modern mindset. Now, we view the natural world with scepticism. We build fences around it and place warning signs; we crop and trim its contours until it falls within our definition of safe...

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Discussing the MVP culture – a fallible fiction

The issue with the MVP culture, however, is exactly what it first sought to solve – the unending stream of new products introduced onto the market each year. Viable is subjective, and initial consumer enthusiasm is easier to cultivate than sustained interest and eventual product realisation... 

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